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Handy Tyre Hints

  • The legal minimum tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm over 75% of the tyres width and around its entire outer circumference. Check tyres using the short "tread bars" (each 1.6mm deep) which lie across the tyre tread at intervals in modern tyres.

  • It is best to change your car tyres before they reach their limit. A tyre with less than 1.6mm tread requires twice the braking distance of a new tyre.

  • Each year, before the harsh winter settles in, take advantage of a free tyre check from us at Barley Green Garage.

  • When inflating tyres, check the tyre pressure readings used. Some air gauges use bars, rather than pounds per square inch (psi), and any confusion could lead to burst or over inflated tyres.

  • As an added safety check, inspect your car tyres inner and outer walls regularly for any cuts, bulges or abrasions.
Car Tyre Sizeing/Tyres Sidewall Marking

This guide can help you identify the right tyre size for your car via reading the sizewall markings of your tyres.

Guide for identifying tyre size suitable for your car

The most efficient way to ascertain your car's tyre size, of course, is to go outside to the vehicle and check it yourself. The tyres size will be imprinted clearly on the sidewall. The picture above illustrates what you are looking for.

Car Tyre Sizes

Tyre sizes are made up of a number of different numbers and letters. For example, tyre size 205/55 R 16 79 V is made up of the following information:

205 - The tyre section width in Millimeters

55 - The aspect ratio in % (the height of the sidewall divided by the tyres width)

R - Denotes the tyres construction type, in this case its a Radial

16 - Rim diameter in inches

79 - Load index

V - Speed rating

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