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At our fully equipped workshop we can carry out a vast range of repairs, starting from the basic oil change service, right through to cam belt (timing belt) replacement, and all our repairs include our visual safety report.


Our workshop is equipped with both MIG and Oxyacetylene welding equipment, allowing us to carry out most repairs from a small exhaust repair throught to a major repair, such as replacement sills or flooring for MOT test failures.


Cam-Belts (Timing Belts)

At Barley Green Garage, our trained technicians also provide a cam-belt replacement service. This is a vital requirement on most vehicles at manufacture recommended milages. If the cam-belt is not replaced at the set intervals, it could break and then most often cause expensive damage to the engine. This can be a complex job that requires skill, specialist knowledge, and technical information, all of which is available from us.

Brake Checks

If you are ever in any doubt about the condition of your brakes, in between services, we will provide a no obligation brake check. Our fully skilled and experienced technicians will:

  • Check the condition of friction materials and hydraulics
  • Clean and remove dust from drums
  • Adjust rear brakes
  • Check hand brake
  • Check brake fluids
  • Test and report

We use the latest equipment to carry out these essential safety checks, and only fit brakes that are made to original equipment standards, meaning you are guaranteed the highest levels of safety as designed by your vehicle manufacturer. All parts are guaranteed for 12 months or 12,000 miles, (whichever is sooner).

Brake maintenance

Brakes are a critical safety item and to provide maximum stopping power, your brakes must be at optimum braking efficiency. Regular brake checks and maintenance are of great importance for the safety of your vehicle and help reduce the possibility of more costly bills in future.

Steering and Wheel Alignment

The steering system on every car is very important and requires regular maintenance to keep it at an optimum standard. The steering rack on all motor vehicles are easily knocked out of alignment by all the speed humps and potholes in the road. When the wheel alignment becomes out of tolerance, the tyres will wear unevenly on either edge of the sidewalls. Noticeable signs of wheel imbalance to look out for are:

  • Steering wheel is off-set when the vehicle is travelling in a straight line
  • The vehicle may drift/pull to the left or right
  • The front tyres will wear bald or show signs of uneven wear on either edge


On the suspension system there are many moving parts, the main component of which is rubber which can dry out over a period of time and can crack and perish. In the worst situation the rubber components can split. You may be able to recognise when a component has become defective, some of the effects could be:

  • When pulling away from a standstill a knocking noise may occur from the front of the vehicle
  • When travelling along uneven surfaces, i.e. speed humps or bumpy roads, once again a knocking noise may be heard from either end of the vehicle and the ride in the vehicle may be an uncomfortable one.
  • On a straight road, i.e. a motorway, if one side at the front of the vehicle there is a defective component, the vehicle will drift or pull to the defective side.

An important part of the suspension is the shock absorbers, these are usually hydraulic or gas filled. They are essential to control the bounce on the vehicle and to ensure the tyres are kept firmly on the road. Damaged and worn shock absorbers can reduce the braking efficiency, cause poor cornering and excessive tyre wear. It is very important to have regular checks on your vehicle, whether it be every 6 or 12 months, to ensure that the ride comfort and suspension system are kept at an optimum level. At Barley Green Garage the suspension system is fully checked over as part of our routine servicing to make sure that you remain as safe and comfortable as possible. With our technicians being highly trained and fully experienced, you can rest assured that you and your vehicle are in safe hands.


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