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Price List 2012


Visual Safety Check F.O.C.
Oil Change service* £44.95
Standard Service* £104.95
Standard Service Plus* £159.95
Premiere Service* £199.95
Air-Con Level 1 £25.95
Air-Con Level 2 £69.95
Brake Fluid Change From £39.95
Coolant Flush & Refill From £39.95


Our Duty of care to our customer


As well as completing the requested vehicle repair, as part of our 'Duty of Care' to our customers, we will also carry out a Visual Safety Check at no extra cost.

This will enable us to assure you that the points identified on the Visual Safety Check are satisfactory, or alternatively, provide you with a report identifying items that may need attention.

For example, your carmay have been taken into the workshop for a broken door lock, whilst in the workshop we will also carry out a Visual Safety Check ensuring that your tyres, lights (safety items) are all in order.

Once completed, we will confirm to you the items we have checked and provide you with a copy of the report.

These checks ensure that when you leave our workshops, you can be confident that all these points have been checked.

If you have any questions about our Customer Charter, please do not hesitate to ask at the service reception.

*Service price excludes vehicles with platinum spark plugs, fully synthetic oil and is only for four cylinder vehicles under 2000cc.

A full quote can be given if required for other vehicles.

Prices correct at time of publishing and subject to change without notice.

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