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Excellent Prices and Quality

Through our network of suppliers we can offer very competitive prices of all exhaust systems, we will also offer 24 months parts and labour guarantee on all our premium exhausts.

Exhaust System Explained

Your exhaust system is effectively a series of pipes and boxes specially designed to channel emmissions away from the front of the vehicle, reduce engine noise and maintain optimum fuel effeciency. The importance of maintaining a healthy exhaust system and the impact a faulty exhaust system can have on the environment, is not something people automatically think about.

All exhaust produce six gases as emissions; of the six, three are less harmful (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapour) and three are toxic (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and nitrogen monoxide). The job of the exhaust, catalytic converter and its monitoring system is to maintain the correct balance of emissions, check the engine is running efficiently and move the emissions away from the vehicle occupants.

Under existing regulations, a police officer can warrant the removal of any vehicle from the roadways, on the suspicion that it is producing excessive amounts of pollutant gases from the exhaust. Also, if your vehicle exhaust system is broken and noisy, your vehicle will come under police scrutiny. Your vehicle will also fail its MOT test if the exhaust system has a fault resulting in incorrect emissions levels being recorded.

A vital part of todays exhaust systems are the 'catalytic converters'. These change the properties of noxious gases produced by the engine combustion chambers in to a more environmentally friendly emission. All petrol cars manufactured from 1993 have catalytic converters fitted, and all diesel cars from 1997.

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