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Air Conditioning

Air Con Level 1

We offer this as a small service which covers basic operations test including vent and controls as well as a disinfections treatment to remove bacteria hidden within the ventalation system. This service comes complete with the service check sheet and our visual safety report.


Air Con Level 2

This is our main air-con service which includes all of our air-con level 1 service, but also includes a full re-gas with new R134a refrigerant gas, replacement pao oil, and we also inject a UV dye into the system for future fault finding incase your vehicle develops a system leak. This service includes a service check sheet and our visual safety report.

Air Con Explained

Car air conditioning systems really need regular servicing due to the natural porosity of the hoses and componants of the air conditioning systems in modern vehicles. The refrigerant gas will leak slowly out of the AC system at a rate of 10 - 20% per year, thereby making your system gradually less efficient until it finally stops working all together.

If you let your AC system run out of refrigerant and then you dont use your system for a couple of months, the chances are the internal componant seals will dry out and you will have leaks in your system when it is eventually re-gased. This could be expensive!


Always ensure that your air-con system is in working order by running it on full cold, for at least once a week for a few minutes, even in winter at the risk of frostbite!

It takes at least one hour to carry out a correct full level 2 service and re-gas of car air-con systems. If anyone says that they can in less than one hour they are more than likely taking short cuts and not doing a correct service. To vaccum the system to remove moisture takes at least 20 minutes alone. On larger vehicles such as range rovers with climate control then a longer time in vaccum will be advised. We wont bore you with all the technical details of how an air-con system works or all the processes that are carried out during the service and re-gas, suffice to say that we do the job properly complete with check sheet and visual safety report.

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